Meet Dona Steppe

I have been in the telecom space since 2005. I can honestly say its nothing else like telecom. I had just graduated college 6 months prior for Business Administration Management, never had any interest in Telecommunications. I had taken a job at a call center right out of college and well, that call center was for Qwest from there I fell in love with telecom.

I met Matthew Toth when I was a Account Consultant for Qwest. I managed a few of his accounts as an AC. I remember when he made the move to leave Qwest and start C3. He called me maybe 6 months after he left, told me he was going to hire me as soon as he could afford me. He kept that promise. He is a man of his word to say the least. I landed my feet at C3 in 2013. I came to C3 because it became to difficult to provide the level of customer service I was use to proving due to the hustle and bustle of the big telecom world. I believe in old fashion values and putting the customer first. C3 makes that easy to do! I absolutely love working for C3. C3 is more of a family than a “job”. Our values as a company are my values.

We go above and beyond for our customers. We relationship build here, we are not trying to sell you a service. At C3 I am able to provide a level of service that I would expect for myself

Dona Steppe


I love nature, love driving in the mountains on a Sunday afternoon.

I love the ocean and the smell of salt water.

My family is my world.

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