Meet Marc Schneider

I graduated from Indiana University with a B.S. in Public Affairs and a concentration in Criminal Justice. Not the normal path into the tech world, but my dream was to work for the FBI, Secret Service or US Marshall. I soon realized that the dream I wanted wasn’t for me. That’s when I decided to give the tech world a try and fortunately has remained for over 30 years! Dreams can come true! I started my career at MCI, then went to Qwest in 1999, which is when I met Matthew Toth, and ultimately ended up at CenturyLink (now known as Lumen) before I found C3. Home Sweet Home!

My favorite technology to discuss with clients is SD-WAN because IT departments can easily prioritize the apps that are more important, squash the people watching YouTube, and have a secure network with generic internet connections.

When I’m not working and helping clients, I loves to go fishing. I am an avid fisherman who normally reels in Musky, Pike, and Walleye. I will also fish for Salmon in Lake Michigan. If I’m not fishing I’m playing my guitar. I own 8 guitars and have been playing for almost 40 years! Ask meto play you a tune next time you’re on a video call with me!

Marc Schneider


I set off metal detectors everywhere I go!

I broke my neck in 3 places when I was 28!.

I am a talented musician who has played trumpet for 40 years and guitar for 37! .

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