Meet Sean Mahoney

We have all purchased technology before and regretted it because of something that was promised and under delivered. It’s very common for IT executives to find it difficult to keep up with the changes in technologies and vendors to make sure this doesn’t happen. One of my passions in life has been keeping up with new and emerging technologies so I can offer that guidance to companies looking for new ways to advance. I help my clients by being their trusted advisor to guide them through projects by introducing technologies, vendors and services that think outside the box. At C3, I am able to continue to be that advocate for my clients and as technology pivots in many directions, I will be able to help them move with it.

I’ve worked and lived in Chicagoland for the past 15 years and am the proud father of three active boys that play Football, Baseball and Wrestle to keep me busy.

Sean Hahoney


Lived in Germany for two years in the AF

Played Varsity Lacrosse in HS

Visited 14 different countries

Favorite band is Pearl Jam

Originally from Boston

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