We aren’t looking for people who want jobs. We are looking for career-minded, strong professionals.

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Ready to Make an Impact?

Joining C3 is about the current person, regardless of timing and current available positions. We focus on upgrading our business and building positions for A+ team members. A Career at C3 provides coaching and mentoring to help you rise to be the person you never knew you could be.

Uniquely Rewarding

Competitive salary, unique benefits, and unlimited PTO.

Continuous Growth

A career with C3 means becoming the specialized force of the industry. We will help hone your skills with continuous yearly training.

Care Personally

Our team is built for success and fun. Virtual team happy hours and regular team bonding (from kayaking to escape rooms).

Why C3 for your IT sales career?

Real Income

There is no cap on what you can make at C3.

Real Freedom

You are allowed to sell into any vertical in any geography.

Real Solutions

You can truly do what’s in your clients’ best interests.

Commissions Are An Annuity

Commissions are paid to GACs for the life of an account, not just an upfront payment or short-term commission for landing a sale.

Ultimate Goal of $600k+/year in Your Total Comp

There is no cap on what you can make at C3.

250+ Technology Company Portfolio

Be truly agnostic and help our clients through a portfolio that includes a wide range of companies like Rackspace, AT&T, Trustwave, US Signal, RingCentral, China Telecom, Aryaka, and many other industry leaders.

Freedom to Sell Anywhere

You are allowed to sell into any vertical in any geography. You will not be limited to just selling in your market. Your leads may take you to many different places. We not only allow this, we encourage this!

Be a True Customer Advocate

With such a large portfolio and focus on long-term growth, you can truly do what’s in your clients’ best interests.


We aren’t interested in shaking up your base or re-dividing territories every 18 months. You will have the long-term stability to grow your base of customers.

Flexibility of All Kinds

We will give you the flexibility and freedom needed to not only be successful but needed to restore that work/life balance that is sorely missing in corporate America.

Management That REALLY Cares About Your Success

Leave the days of “What are you selling this month?” behind. That old-school management philosophy doesn’t play here. We focus on long-term success. We will help you grow and support your efforts in every way that we can.

Be Entrepreneurial

We want you to run a business within C3. Ever said to yourself “If I ran this place, I’d change…”? You’ll have that chance as our consultants are given much flexibility to run their practice a bit differently than the next guy.