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We guide businesses to understand what technology they need, and what technology they didn’t realize they need.

How can technology best enable your organization? How can you sell more widgets, increase customer satisfaction, increase employee retention, and ensure the continuity of your operations in a disaster? How can you cut through tech marketing hype and hone in on solutions that move your organization forward?

How C3 helps Companies with Contact Centers

The Contact Center

Your contact center is staffed with 50 professionals taking calls from customers on all sorts of issues. How are you measuring the effectiveness of that contact center? How can we drive handle time down and customer satisfaction up?

How can we put tools in the hands of our contact center workers to reduce employee turnover? C3 can evaluate your contact center processes, research technology solutions to achieve better results, and ultimately help implement those solutions

Staying Connected with new SAP or ERP

Connectivity with New Systems

Your organization just moved to a new CRM or ERP. You’ve spent millions of dollars rolling it out and 18 months implementing it. Your organization depends on fast and reliable connectivity to it because it’s the life blood of your business.

Your knowledge workers need integrations with a UC platform. But wait. Your wide area network delivers this application slowly and your voice network is ill-prepared. In China, the application’s capabilities are barely being used due to latency and the Great China Firewall. User adoption is slow. C3 can evaluate your WAN, SD WAN, and UC alternatives to ensure that your critical applications are delivering the on their promised results

Ensure 100% Uptime as Requested by Your Team

Staying Secure and Online

Your CFO expects 100% application up-time and IT needs to deliver. Your organization loses revenue the moment downtime hits. You need to report back on how to make the delivery of these applications bullet-proof. C3 will evaluate your cybersecurity posture, your data center and application redundancies, and disaster recovery planning and help you craft a plan to ensure uptime.

Instead of taking the typical vendor silver bullet approach of “This widget will solve all of your problems!”, C3 learns about your business, evaluates technology options, and helps you execute on the chosen solutions whether it’s DRaaS, cybersecurity training, the colocation of your environment to a hardened facility, or any other solution.

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