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Interactions with your customers used to be as simple as setting up an 800 number and installing an Avaya phone system the size of a small Toyota in your telco closet. That world has been turned upside down by technology, specifically by cloud-based contact center providers.

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How C3 Can Help

Your VP of sales wants aggregated communication among all channels within client profiles, your CEO wants higher customer retention, and Chief Marketing Officer needs real-time information on the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Keeping Up

How does a CIO or contact center manager keep up with the ever changing demands of customers?  A well designed, well implemented cloud contact center solution can answer this question.

Unique Approach

C3 helps our clients figure out which cloud contact center provider is right for you. We match up your criteria, vertical, budget, and needs against our vast ecosystem of providers and run a process to help you figure out what the right vendor, product, and the price point are for your organization.

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Top Reasons to Evaluate Cloud Contact Center

  • Scalability – Our cloud providers’ platforms are virtually infinitely scalable. No worries about buying having to buy juuuuust the right capacity to balance cost and scalability
  • Convenience
  • Reliability/High availability/Don’t have to worry about DR anymore. As long as you have internet access at work or home, you can connect to a cloud contact center. Our cloud contact center providers have multiple redundant instances of their platform in several data centers.
  • Automatic updates, no patching
  • Cost reduction
  • Licensing can be done ala carte
  • Spin up and spin down functionality without big expensive hardware purchases with expensive professional services
  • Faster deployment, faster MACs for new workers and new capabilities
  • Contact center worker retention
  • Compliance management. GDPR example

Communication is Changing

Communication needs are changing. Now, your clients communicate with you via:




Website Chat

Facebook Messenger


Other Social Media

Questions to Ask

your CIO or contact center manager (and that C3 can help you answer)


How will AI affect my contact center?


Can the right workforce optimization solution help me schedule contact center workers more effectively?


Do I have a single database to track all customer communication?


What analytics do I have in place for customer satisfaction? Marketing campaigns? Performance of my contact center workers?


Is my contact center affected by GDPR regulations? HIPAA? PCI? Are we sure that we’d pass an audit?

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