IaaS & DRaaS

Cloud technology has rapidly matured to make Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) a compelling and innovative solution for businesses of all sizes.

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IaaS & DRaaS Questions

C3 Technology Advisors consult with our clients to answer these questions:


Is the cloud right for me?

Are business and technology goals and objectives are aligned together and able to be communicated clearly?


Which cloud?

Private, Public, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud are just a few of the cloud architectures to consider.


Where is my data?

The cloud is built on someone else’s infrastructure, knowing where and how your data is protected is crucial.


What availability do I need?

When a disaster strikes how long can you be without your systems before business or customers are severely affected?


How to I implement and manage all this?

Evaluating and implementing the right solution provider should always include support and management.

How C3 Can Help

Evaluate and Advise

C3 helps clients evaluate the market, the platforms, and the providers. We provide our clients with a tried and true process to identify and implement IaaS and DRaaS solutions. Why wouldn’t you want our consultative approach instead of Googling endlessly and taking the advice of biased salespeople?

Start the Conversation

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Challenges & Disruptors

The challenges and distruptors for IaaS & DRaaS are as follows:


Reliability and downtime of on-prem systems has real costs to the business


Backoffice systems transition or support


Cost analysis and budgetary fluctuation


Business Intelligence (BI) integration


Internet of Things device proliferation


Government policies for data privacy and protection

"Big Data"

Growing volumes and multiple varieties of data to manage

Need help Identifying & Implementing IaaS/DRaaS Strategies?

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Cloud-based infrastructure can deliver increased efficiency, business protection, competitive advantages and cost savings.

Model & Implementation

While the technology is maturing, and options seem endless, the major challenge for your organization will be figuring out what the right Cloud-first model is and how to implement it.

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