Tech Cost Control

Take Control Of Your Spending and Manage Your Invoices

Technology Cost Control

Implementing New Technology

As companies evolve and become more reliant on technology, the list of active “vendors” tends to grow at a rather unexpected rate. Once you implement new services, how do you know your being billed correctly? How can you determine if you are actually utilizing each and every service you’re continuously paying for? How do you manage all your individual billing accounts, contracts, service components, and how can you bring order to this inevitable chaos?

C3 Insights

Part of your experience in partnering with C3 is gaining extreme clarity to your technology vendor portfolio and getting the necessary insights you need to effectively manage your inventory going forward. These projects have helped organizations drastically increase their cash flow, and reduce their future technology spend by an average of 30%. In 30 days or less, we will produce the following deliverables;

  • Inventory creation & verification of all technology-related vendor services and charges
  • Detailed findings and recommendations report
  • Project management of all agreed upon changes and areas for improvement
  • Follow up report of all implemented changes and savings realized
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    Hear from Kyle at C3 on why Companies are having Audits.

    Are you looking to reduce your technology spend?

    Let’s look at your invoices and overall technology to save money.

    Price Benchmarking

    Price Benchmarks

    If you are looking to procure technology, would you like to know what pricing the last 5 C3 customers were able to negotiate through our efforts? If so, engage with us in your future tech projects. It’s that simple. Our customers receive up-to-date intel on the latest price points that you should be targeting when negotiating with vendors.

    Hey, we get it. You’ve probably negotiated contracts in the past and you feel confident. But technology changes quickly and so does pricing. What was a good price 2 years ago for a service may not be that great today. Why not take advantage of our expertise and experience if it doesn’t cost you anything?

    Hidden Costs

    Ever been bitten by hidden costs on a technology project? Have unannounced fees and surcharges ever blown a hole in your budget? Understand this – vendor proposals rarely explain all costs in a straightforward manner. C3 will help you in understanding the true costs before you sign on the dotted line.

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