C3 Technology Advisors is a technology consulting firm and distributor for midsize to enterprise customers with a global IT Ecosystem of solutions and providers.

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Client Enablement

It is incredibly difficult to look at a sea of technology providers and products, choose the right ones, negotiate the right prices, implement them properly, and optimize over time. We enable clients to do just that through our systems, people, data, and processes. Client enablement is at the heart of what we do every day.

We help CIOs answer the following questions when evaluating and buying technology:


What technology should I procure to solve X business problem?


How do I know which vendor is the right fit for me?


What are the price points that I should be negotiating to?


What technologies can change my company’s bottom line?


What vendors and technologies can make my staff more agile and responsive to the business?


What technologies can help me address the market’s skills gap?


How can I find the time to adequately research technology issues to solve X business problem?

Our Areas of Expertise

We enable our clients to make better technology buying decisions in the following areas:

We enable our clients to make better technology buying decisions. In a world of constant technology flux, our research and analysis, business and technology consulting, proprietary tools, pricing benchmarks, client interview and survey data, and extensive engineering back office provide the valuable perspective and insight needed to make the best tech buying decisions possible. Our data driven approach ensures that our clients evaluate the right vendors, purchase at the right prices, and avoid time wasting meetings and marketing hype. When enterprise organizations want to collaborate with experts instead of engaging in sales processes, they call us.

Once a C3 client selects a vendor and technology, our value and partnership doesn’t stop –

  • C3 assists organizations with contract negotiations to ensure optimal terms are reached
  • Our in-house project management ensure timely, coordinated installations to minimize business disruptions
  • Post-purchase, C3 continues the white-glove experience by thoroughly reviewing services with our clients on a quarterly basis to ensure that your satisfaction is being met and your vendors continue to uphold their promises
  • It is virtually impossible for any IT dept to keep up with the constant change in technology. IT leaders need partners that can expertly advise on them on how to evaluate, buy, and implement technology that will change their bottom line. We’re here to be that partner.

    Our Values


    Our consultants are building mini businesses. Each is not a “rep”. Instead, each is running a storefront that continually tweaks operations, product, and marketing to attract, sell, and retain a customer base.

    Embrace and Drive Change

    Try new things constantly, measure results, and try again. Be curious.
    The market rewards trial and error.
    Stagnation = death.

    Passion for the success of our clients, teammates, and C3

    If you constantly commit to the success of others, you will become a success yourself. Any other route to success creates an unstable foundation.

    Be The Best Version of Yourself

    On your deathbed, you want to know that you, the product of your community, family, and God, did everything you could to reward those stakeholders that invested in you.

    Long Term Gain > Short Term Gain

    Everything we do will focus on long term results. Continual focus on short term gains is like a series of different 7-day diets – It’s not sustainable and it short circuits planning.

    Agility and Decentralization

    Decisions are pushed down to the lowest level possible which foster organization speed, agility, maneuverability.

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