Global Connectivity
ISP, MPLS, Dark fiber, DWDM

C3 has a portfolio of over 200 ISP, MPLS, DWDM, and dark fiber providers from around the world. Whether you’re looking to connect to a data center across town in Southfield, a contact center in Manilla or ExpressRoute for your AWS instance, C3 is your one-stop shop.

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Why C3 for your WAN/ISP needs?

We are unique in that we represent virtually all of the connectivity providers in the world.

Research & Analysis

Why deal with a biased sales guy from one company representing only one network? At C3, we will help you do the research and analysis needed to find the right providers and the right technologies at the right prices.

Buying Process

We bring sanity to the buying process using C3 proprietary tools and research, pricing benchmarks, and real feedback from our extensive client base.

The C3 Portfolio

ISP Services

we can help your organization find the best ISP provider to every location you have around the globe.

Dark Fiber

Many organizations are unaware that there are small regional telecom companies that directly lease to customers dark fiber. The bandwidth for this product scales to beyond 100G and is only limited by the fiber optic gear you terminate the connections with.


Although we see less of a need for MPLS with the emergence of SD WAN, organizations around the world still depend on this networking technology for its performance, security, and QoS abilities.

DWDM (Dense Wave Division Multiplexing)

For clients that have private network bandwidth needs in excess of 1G, DWDM is an option.

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Goodrich Quality Theaters Case Study


Goodrich Quality Theaters needed a new wide area network to handle the growing number of applications at their movie theaters. GQT also sought to keep costs low due to the competitive entertainment market. They worked with C3 to evaluate the market, technologies, providers and struck box office gold with the solution that was implemented.

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