Post-Sale Support

We continue to work with you after the sale is complete

Project Management

All services ordered through C3 receive a dedicated project manager.

Immediate Support

  • Post-install support
  • For larger projects, C3 PMs will even coordinate the disconnection of your old services
  • Reduce the amount of client internal resources needed for implementation
  • Ongoing Support

  • Provide a single point of update for orders from multiple vendors
  • Escalate provider issues
  • Day of install phone support
  • A question that we get often from our clients – “We could just use the PMs that are assigned to us by the vendors, right?” Well, you can, but the quality of these project managers varies greatly from vendor to vendor. You’ll also be assigned numerous project managers if you order services from multiple vendors. It can be difficult communicating and coordinating with multiple PMs.

    We’ve all had significant IT projects get derailed from a lack of quality project management. Eliminate this risk with the best project managers in the business at C3 who will ensure your project is well

    Post Implementation Support

    Ever felt like you’ve been stranded on a deserted island after a tech project was completed?
    Not with C3. We provide the following post implementation services:

    Service Ticket Escalations

    We will hold your tech providers accountable and will escalate service tickets so that you can focus on your business


    Inventory Creation and Upkeep

    C3 will create and maintain an inventory of your services across all services and providers to make your life easier

    Billing Ticket Issues

    Ever have incorrect billing drive your costs up? Ever spent seemingly endless hours chasing after billing tickets and credits? Of course you have! C3 takes full ownership of the creation, tracking, and resolution of billing tickets for services that C3 is the agent of record for.

    Quarterly Reviews

    As your business changes and technology evolves, tech that was implemented can become obsolete quickly. C3 believes in continual consulting to ensure that you have the right technology in your company’s hands to help you execute on your organization’s objectives