Software Defined Wide Area Networking(SD WAN) is the platform upon which organizations should build their WAN. In the big evolutionary jumps in WAN technology, SD WAN is the next big thing. Previous jumps would be X.25, frame relay, and MPLS. SD WAN can mean different things to different people based upon the vendor that you talk to.

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How C3 Can Help

We provide our clients with a tried and true process to find the right SD WAN provider. Why wouldn’t you want our consultative approach instead of Googling endlessly and taking the advice of biased salespeople? Reach out to C3 today at to start your search for the right SD WAN provider.

C3 Can Help

C3 helps clients evaluate the market, the platforms, and the providers. The best SD WAN provider for your organization will be based upon a number of criteria that we’ll establish with a C3 consultation.

SD WAN Platforms

There are dozens of different SD WAN platforms sold by more than 150 different providers with varying levels of cost, features, maturity levels, and integrations with other device manufacturers and cloud providers.


C3 Technology Advisors defines SD WAN using 4 primary characteristics:


The management of WAN circuits and applications is simplified.


Changes to the WAN can be made through a single pane of glass and without having to touch each individual SD WAN device.


the WAN automatically responds to varying levels of WAN circuit performance and application usage.

Packet Level Routing

Applications can be routed over multiple connections at the same time and sessions can be changed from one connection to the other without breaking.

Reasons why a client should evaluate SD WAN

  • High telecom costs, especially if that organization has MPLS today
  • Applications moving to the cloud
  • Struggling with network uptime
  • Better application and WAN performance monitoring and management
  • It’s time to refresh WAN edge devices
  • Applications are running slow across the WAN
  • QoS not working well

Challenges Implementing SD WAN, Migration Strategies

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DP Fox Case Study


DP Fox needed a new network that could minimize network outages and improve uptime, increase bandwidth, and improve Cloud application performance. These needed improvements drove DP Fox to C3 Technology Advisors in search of advice on how to select the best provider.

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