RFP Process & Contract Negotiations

For clients with complex needs, C3 offers a simple solution for RFP creation, implementation, and execution.

RFP Creation & Execution

RFPs are incredibly time consuming and are difficult to coordinate. We have the resources, tools, and processes to help you select the right vendors. C3 will provide our customers with a customized process consisting of 20 steps to provide order to the chaos of vendor selection on a wide range of products including UCaaS, WAN & SD WAN, DRaaS, cloud contact center, and many more. Download a sample RFP to learn more.

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Contract Negotiation Assistance

Technology and telco providers design their contracts to benefit THEM, NOT YOU. All technologies have various nuances and complexities that make their correlating contracts different from the next. Those nuances and complexities do necessitate different clauses, terms, and contractual lengths though. Do you know what they are? Do you know which requests are typically rejected by technology providers and which ones are workable items based on previous experiences?

2. Minimize Spending

Track your spending, expiration dates, amendments and avoid vendor gotchas. We track your technology providers, services, orders, contracts, amendments, account numbers, spend, end dates and more for you. Why wouldn’t you want this? Why not have an organization looking out for you when you aren’t looking? Why not have an organization continually optimize your spend if it doesn’t cost you a dime and your organization doesn’t need to expend energy?

1. Contract Negotiation

Leverage our expertise in negotiating contracts. Not sure what price can be negotiated? What length of service can be negotiated? What special clauses should be asked for? Take advantage of our expertise and experience negotiating the same things for other clients.

3. Contract Renewal

Contract renewals can be perilous. Let us help. Contracts are full of gotchas, many of which are designed to reduce your leverage around contract renewal time. Examples – Site changes extend the term length, automatic renewals extend the contract term, etc. C3 fights for optimal renewal terms to avoid the pitfalls that have been designed for you to fall into.