Can Microsoft Teams Replace My Phone System?

The answer is complicated, which is why you need C3’s help.

Microsoft Teams has forever changed how organizations collaborate. The platform allows organizations to share and store documents, chat, conference, and much more. Many organizations are using this tool for the basis of communications. There are a few important things to consider before a full Teams implementation.

Features MS Teams Voice Lacks

Why is this complicated? Well, the odds are very good that you use your phone system for a variety of needs beyond simple phone calls. Features such as paging, intercom systems, faxing, contact center, and texting are just examples of features that have been added to the phone system over the past 20 years.

Microsoft has made the strategic decision to eschew advanced functionality and provide basic phone system functionality in its Teams platform and do so with a premium price and a sub-standard SLA. In making this decision, they have chosen to allow 3rd party UC/phone/contact center providers to create solutions that bridge the gap between what Teams can provide and what most companies need.

Almost overnight, Microsoft created a competition among dozens of traditional UC and phone powerhouses. Spurring this competition along rapidly is the skyrocketing adoption of Teams due to the work from home explosion caused by covid 19.

So where does this leave you? If your organization is using Microsoft Teams for communication, how do you pick a voice, conferencing, and contact center solution that perfectly integrates with Teams? Prepare yourself for unending number of technology solutions from phone/UC vendors whose platforms, architecture, pricing models, maturity, and feature set vary greatly. This is why you need C3 Technology Advisors.

How MS Voice Integrations Work

Utilize C3’s expertise in evaluating the dozens of competent Teams voice solutions in the marketplace, negotiate the best price and contract terms, and implement and continually tweak the solution.

What MS Voice Actually Costs

Questions to ask yourself as you evaluate Teams for your phone, contact center, and UC needs

  • Do I have a full understanding of the current/future needs of my organization?
  • When do my telco and PBX maintenance contracts expire?
  • Have you determined a budget?
  • Am I comfortable with trusting my telephony to Microsoft?
  • Who actually needs a physical phone within your organization?
  • How many minutes a month are used for internal/external calling?
  • How many concurrent calls do you need?
  • If you like Teams, how do you feel about Microsoft support in General?
  • Do you really want to continue to manage this or have the flexibility of having a fully managed solution?
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