C3 Technology Advisors use tried and true Cybersecurity methodology to assess the Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability needs of an organization.

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How C3 Can Help

C3 helps clients evaluate the market, the platforms, and the providers. We provide our clients with a tried and true process to identify and implement Cybersecurity solutions.

Our Solutions

Cybersecurity is a complex subject. Every day a new incident is brought to our attention in the news. C3 Technology Advisors help our clients create solutions to ensure that an organization’s data is protected and available for authorized use.

Our Approach

In conjunction with other tools like the NIST v1.1 Cybersecurity Framework, our clients benefit from our approach to develop and implement a mature cybersecurity posture.

Cybersecurity Questions

C3 Technology Advisors consult with our client to answer these questions:



Are your current organizational policies to manage cybersecurity risk to systems, people, assets, data, and capabilities in place and regularly updated?



As Email Phishing, Malware and other threats are constantly evolving how well are your existing solutions protecting your data?



Do you want to know when an Active Threat is in your network as soon as it happens, or 99 days after (the national average for threat detection)?



If your business was in the news, would your Incident Response plan help guide you to respond appropriately?



When an incident occurs do you have the appropriate capabilities to get your business up and running quickly?

Challenges & Disruptors

The challenges and disruptors for cybersecurity are as follows:


Public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud


Hiring and retaining security professionals to identify and respond to threats


SIEM implementations that are costly and provide limited value


Rapid application development across multiple platforms


Internet of Things device proliferation


Government policies for data privacy and protection

"Big Data"

Growing volumes and multiple varieties of data to manage

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