Designing a Strategy for your team to work from home is more important now than ever before!

UC & Phone Strategy

This is traditionally called UCaaS in the technology world. It is important that you have a strategy for how your team will internally and externally communicate, and how you will continue to have important meetings.

Some Potential Solutions:

  • Zoom
  • RingCentral (Qualify for 3 months free)
  • 8x8 (Qualify for Free Trial)
  • WebEx

Implementing these solutions, and understanding the nuances between each option is the specialty of C3

Laptops and Computers

In order for your team to transition to working from home your team will need a solution for personal workstations. Virtual Desktops can be the solution. This can allow employees with any personal workstation to access their data and information from any device with an internet connection

Some Potential Solutions:

  • VMware
  • Azure
  • AWS

Moving your workstations from the office to the home office is a massive undertaking made easy with C3 as the guide. Let us help your team work better.

Data Access and Storage

Having access to your data is your greatest asset, so you need a firm strategy to ensure you always have access to it. Consider adding parameters that ensure you have a fully comprehensive data strategy.

Potential Solutions

  • VMware
  • Veeam
  • Wasabi

Your data needs to be safe regardless of any event and have a safe location that can be accessed anytime you need it.

Additional Resources

Below are additional resources to help your organization prepare to work from home. Keep checking back as we add more resources each day.

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