Meet Drew Klos

Drew comes to C3 with over 20 years of technology experience, but originally studied for a career in Emergency Medicine. After college, Drew spent 12 years working for a major reseller and found an insatiable appetite for technology. He focused on virtualized data centers and the solutions that would later become known as the Cloud. He likes to understand the complex and simplify that for clients. Call it proper bedside manners coupled with technical aptitude; that combo alone landed Drew a spot on a specialized cloud team where he spend eight years guiding clients in their pursuit of cloud services and business outcomes without technical ownership.

When Drew isn’t working and helping clients, he loves traveling the United States with his family, exploring National Parks, historic places, and venturing into the wild. Which, makes sense why his favorite technology is his GoPro and gimbal.

Drew Klos


His top speed on a motorcycle is 127mph.

He doesn't eat bacon.

He has a life quest to find the perfect cup of coffee, the perfect steak sandwich, and the perfect Old Fashioned.

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