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I attended Northern Illinois University, aka the “Cornell of the Cornfields.” which is where I started in Technology and Network sales in 2006 focusing on small to medium sized businesses. In 2011 I pivoted to enterprise businesses. I love working with enterprise businesses since you can take an idea or concept through the evolution to production and then see the impact it has for stakeholders and the overall business.

I like to work within all verticals, but the majority of my work has been within the financial sector, focusing on retail, customer service and compliance. I love what we do at C3 as there are so many different avenues to help business with the challenges facing them today. Taking the approach as a true trusted advisor that is unbiased in regards to a specific product or solution, and only looks to help solve the true business needs has been a fantastic transition from previously being focused on hitting sales quotas.

Fun around the Matthys house is watching our kids grow and participate in their chosen sport. From Fridays night football watching games in below 0 temps, to Competitive Cheer comps on Saturday that last 7 hours to see you daughter cheer for 8 total mins. I wouldn’t give it up any of these days for anything.

Nick Matthys


Have a sick obsession collecting sneakers

Love comedies and quoting them during business meetings

Have 5 kids

I really enjoy a craft cocktail

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