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I started my technology career several years ago in telecommunications, then expanded my experience and knowledge to Hosted PBX, SD-WAN, Microsoft Office 365, Managed Firewall, Endpoints and more! 

So what makes me a great Premier Account Manager at C3? Not only do I have a wealth of knowledge in global communication, but my passion to build a long-lasting relationship with C3 clients and ensure organizations are reaching their goals that align with their mission and values.  

After living in California for 5 years, I am now back in Michigan and lives in the Greater Grands Rapids area with my wife, Kara, and two kids, Peyton and Jaxon. Our daughter, Peyton, is a very energetic 3 year old who loves to play with her Doc McStuffins Dr. Kit. She goes around checking heartbeats, temperatures and will always have a diagnosis. Our son, Jaxon, is a very curious 1 year old who loves to eat! A lot of the time you will find him posted in his highchair with an apple, cheerios, raisins… anything! Let’s be honest, it’s a household that barely sleeps!

Steven Nguyen


I ride a Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

I don't get anxious often, but a dirty car or when my home is a little bit dirty from the kids put me on edge.

I met Dennis Rodman at the gym.

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