Meet Kyle Werhand

Since 2009 I have been working in cloud-based consulting and I have extensive experience working with large enterprises. My experience includes complex organizations with long track records of helping IT and finance teams understand what is best for their future environment, as well as how to build a strategic plan towards implementing more effective and scalable next-gen solutions.

My main passion is helping improve lives of others. Thankfully, my role as a consultant allows me to do this every day, and I express this in my workplace by taking all the time necessary to develop a deep understanding of my client’s role, objectives and pain points. I have developed and managed the direct sales department for a $100M network provider. With over 15 reps on my team, I was responsible for training, developing, and acquisition of new clients which resulted in the most profitable year in the company’s history. I seek to provide this level of quality for all my clients.

Kyle Werhand


I played guitar live on stage at Chicago Blues Fest.

I played D1 football in college.

I eat slowly, and everyone makes fun of me for it.

I'm a huge music buff, and love just about every genre, except pop.

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