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When it comes to my consulting practice, I operate under 4 core principles:

1. Always do the right thing. No matter what.

A key piece of advice from my father after I graduated college and started my first “real job”. This is a principle that can never be tampered with. Whether is sacrificing large amounts of commission to do what’s best for my client, or recommending they work with someone else because maybe we aren’t the best partner to support them on a very specific request. Building and maintaining deep levels of trust with my clients, partners, and peers is something I hold in the highest regard.

There’s no better feeling than knowing in your heart that you did the right thing, no matter what you sacrificed. Integrity is everything in this business.

2. Figure it out and get it done

There’s no specific playbook for how to be successful in all aspects of this job. Every company and project is very unique in it’s own way. Part of what makes C3 successful is how easy it is to do business with us (just one example is our flexibility to support our clients by any means necessary. Regardless of how much the project scope may alter and/or expand), but it is anything but easy on our end. Me and my team are consistently faced with complex challenges, some of which can seem daunting or even impossible at first; but by embracing full accountability for the success of a particular task or project, we find a way to get it done by any means necessary.

Own it, don’t make excuses, stay positive, figure it out, and get it done.

3. Don’t be a jerk

Life and work are not always sunshine and rainbows. Both get very hard at times and can easily break you if you don’t stay calm, focused, and positive. In the midst of these challenging times, it’s easy to look on the dark side, it’s easy to blame others, sling mud, criticize, etc. Negativity is an bottomless pit. You can go as deep and dark as you let yourself. However, I’ve learned at a very young age that no situation makes is truly justifiable to be a jerk.

Have you ever called a customer service department when you’re extremely frustrated with something? Do you think that agent on the other end of the line will go the extra mile to fix your issue if you’re screaming at them with negativity?? Will they really feel compelled and motivated to help you?

4. Embrace your inner weirdness

While trying to “always do the right thing” early in my career, people gave me valuable feedback and would say to me “put some more Kyle in it”, “be more of your true self in these interactions”. To me, trying to act any other way then your true self can easily manifest vibes of awkwardness, tension, and discomfort.

When it’s clear the other person you’re engaging with is giving you their true self, that’s when the magic happens. That’s when you have deep, meaningful conversations, when you build quality work, when you laugh so hard you cry, when you reach deeper levels of friendship.

Kyle Werhand


We have no dogs or cats, but we do own a Sulcata Tortoise!

Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. Ask me why!

I absolutely love live music and was fortunate enough to play guitar live at Chicago Blues Fest.

One of my favorite hobbies outside of work is disconnecting from technology. I like to travel to places with no cell service. It's liberating!

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