Meet Mark Dryfoos

Mark’s journey into the realm of technology is both inspiring and multifaceted. Graduating from Lake Forest College with a degree in Psychology might seem an unlikely start to a career in tech, but Mark’s determination and curiosity led him to embark on this exciting path back in 2007.

Starting as a sales engineer in a small VAR in the Greater Chicago area, Mark didn’t just wear different hats; he wore them exceptionally well. Over the span of a decade, he progressed through various roles from presales and solutions architecture to program management, ultimately reaching the pinnacle by spearheading the sales engineering group, demonstrating both his adaptability and exceptional leadership abilities.

Venturing further into the tech landscape, Mark honed his expertise at Verizon and Windstream, delving deep into connectivity, SD-WAN, and SASE, further enriching his knowledge and skill set.

Customer-Centric Innovation and Solution Crafting

Mark’s enthusiasm for understanding the intricate details of businesses and industries aligns perfectly with our business here at C3. His love for solving puzzles goes beyond mere games and crosswords; it deeply influences how he approaches identifying challenges and crafting solutions that precisely meet our clients’ immediate requirements and future goals.

Mark’s approach as a generalist in IT is a testament to his adaptability and continuous learning. His organic acquisition of IT solutions and disciplines through applied learning forms a dynamic foundation, enabling him to offer innovative and evolving solutions to our clients.

Mark Dryfoos


Co-founded the Idle Muse Theater Company!

Loves Puzzles!

Is married with 2 daughters!

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