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Ryan Boyk started working in telecommunications in 1997 while attending Michigan State University and has been in IT ever since. Most of Ryan’s career was spent at AT&T in various sales & technical roles, including leading the rollout of AT&Ts hosted VoIP product across the state of Michigan from 2006 – 2012. Ryan brings a lot of phone system, call center, and IP migration experience to C3 clients, making him our UCaaS guru.

“A big part of my passion for working with technology is helping educate customers. At the end of the day, I want you to understand how a given technology works. We don’t need to get deep in the weeds on it, but I want to provide you with the information needed to support a decision. I love not having any quotas or allegiances to any vendor or provider and focusing solely on the client.”

Ryan is married with two young children. Outside of work, Ryan enjoys water slalom skiing, competitive beach volleyball, whitetail archery hunting, snow skiing, fishing and travel adventures with family during the spring.

Ryan Boyk


His favorite quote is “Carpe Diem”

Was a competitive bull rider in high school

4th generation guitar player and hope to pass on our musical history to generation # 5 and beyond

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