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Steve graduated from the DePaul University in Chicago with an English Literature degree and began his career within the technology world in 2009 as an intern for a VAR. He worked in many internal departments of the business, including returns, accounts payable, purchasing, and marketing. In 2017 he joined the managed services side of the business where he supported circuit quoting and aggregation, SD-WAN, and SOW creation.

So what makes Steve a rockstar? His love for SD-WAN and his passion in designing solutions to enable the drive towards digital transformation. Steve noted, “I really like working around SD-WAN. I am fascinated with the drive towards digital transformation of all aspects of IT, how SD-WAN can be a starting point for modernizing and optimizing network topology and changing the way organizations consume technology. I know it’s boring, but it’s already evolving into SASE and beyond!”

When Steve isn’t working and helping clients, he loves to do anything that related to music. He’s been playing guitar for 20 years and played in a rock band when he was younger. Rock on, dude! He also loves to watch movies and hang out with his wife and sons.

Steve Mockaitis


I used to have piercings and a mohawk.

I grew up around the corner from the "Home Alone" house.

I have been a Type 1 Diabetic since I was 12.

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