Jordan Christensen

Jordan’s marketing journey started while she was finishing her degree at Grand Valley State University. She got her first taste of marketing while working part-time at a spa, where she managed their social media pages. This experience ignited her passion for the field. Just before graduating, she landed an internship with an IT company, eventually leading her to us.

“I would have never pictured myself being two internships deep in the IT world! But I am very excited about it,” she says.

Jordan has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and has hands-on experience managing social media for business, including Instagram and LinkedIn, for over a year. She excels at creating engaging content, from informational pages to videos. A semester-long market research project also sparked a deep interest in market research for her.

Jordan Christensen


Jordan initially pursued a career in teaching for her first two years of college.

She has an insatiable love for tacos and could eat them almost daily.

She graduated from high school in a class of just 53 students.

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