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I started my marketing career through an internship in 2018 at Virtual Systems that evolved into a fulltime position shortly after. It brought me significant knowledge in VPS, VDI, DRaas, and IaaS and the ability to see the nuances in each. I was in charge of all communication, advertising, and marketing for almost 2 years.

I grew up in a technology driven family. My father is a computer programmer in Python, and one of my brothers is a network administrator. So I’ve found a natural fit in exploring and using technology in my professional career as I have a strong history with tech. I have been building computers since I was 16, and consistently seek new technology in my personal life which can also become customer solutions.

Mark Cummings


I am a pop, hip-hop, and rap junkie.

I am a nerd in every sense.

I love playing board games and card games.

I'm a huge Wes Anderson fan.

I could rap all of Hamilton.

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