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Prior to joining C3, I was actually a client of C3. I worked at a medical manufacturer for over 13 years as a Network Engineer and I was solely responsible for the LAN/WAN and Telecom infrastructure. As the Network Engineer, I successfully implemented an SD-WAN solution from start to finish, which resulted in saving the company thousands of dollars in MRC for WAN circuits, while providing a more robust and resilient network for the end users. After a large acquisition of the company, I decided it was time to seek a new opportunity that allowed me to implement the type of success I had for other businesses.

I love supporting clients by learning what their pain points are with the current infrastructure and providing a new solution that resolves them. What separates me from other engineers like myself is that I always involve the business in my thought process when I’m designing any new technology solutions. I would never implement something for the sheer sake of implementing something new. If the business doesn’t need it, I don’t suggest it.

Joe Mark


I coach 2 youth basketball teams in the winter.

I love landscaping and working on our 12 acres!

I've owned 13 cars in the past 19 years.

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