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I grew up loving Lego. Every set for my birthday or Christmas eventually found its way onto my bedroom floor in pieces. I remember spending hours creating custom sets like the Space Shuttle and a roller coaster out of train tracks.

Drafting and Mechanical Design was my entry into the professional world at age 18. In the years that followed, I was able to take ideas sketched on napkins, turn them into CAD drawings and be a part of the manufacturing process. I was able to integrate document management to create a digital workflow and that opened my eyes to networks, collaboration software, and security products.

I decided to make a strategic change in my career to become an IT Professional. Starting from the ground up, I quickly learned how to design, maintain and transform a client’s information systems. I’ve worn many hats from customer, technician, consultant, and manager to give me a very well-rounded perspective on how to make change happen.

I am very excited and grateful to be a part of the C3 team and working side by side with our clients to align business goals with technology solutions.

Active listener. Objective perspective. Relentless problem solver.

Ryan Dengate


Long distance / Marathon runner

Father of a freshman at UM-Ann Arbor and a freshman at Kenowa Hills High School.

YouTube binger - MotorWeek Retro reviews,, RegularCars

Former Boy Scout – anyone up for a wilderness survival trip?

Amusement Park / Roller Coaster fan - Cedar Fair Platinum Pass holder!

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