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I began my career in the nursing field. Helping and healing others remains a passion, but after 5 years in the field, I realized I wanted to explore other career paths and opportunities. That realization led me to pursue a position in the telecom industry. I began the next phase of my career as a retention agent but quickly found myself promoted to lead, then supervisor of my department.

Now at C3 I am an executive assistant and will help support Matthew Toth and help the C3 team with a wide variety of projects and tasks. The fast-paced environment, the challenge of new things, and personal interactions of the service industry are great for me, as I am definitely a people person.

When I’m not at the office helping others, you can always catch me spending time with my family. I am very close with my extended family as well. If I’m not with family though, I’m most certainly on the dance floor somewhere having a good time with good friends. It’s one of my favorite forms of stress relief.

Sabina Hutchins


I am bilingual - fluent in English and Bosnian!

I love good music – especially songs that mix elements of Hip Hop with Country

I'm a firearm enthusiast and love to visit the shooting range .

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